3 Simple Steps to choosing your first crystal

So many of our Stoners have started their crystal journey and bought their very first crystal with Stoned Crystals and that is music to my ears! One of the main objectives for us is to bring crystals to mainstream and make it easy to choose your very first crystal.

Here are 3 simple steps to choose your first crystal:


  1. READ THE PROPERTIES- Whether you are online or instore have a read of  the properties that each crystal has. It may be hard to figure this out depending on where you purchase as it’s not always written in the online shop. Our Stoned Crystal ‘s GEO GEMS are a perfect way to start as each comes with a unique energy card which clearly show the properties and information about each crystal on the back as well as in the description in our online shop. (Shop GEO GEMS)
  2. CHOOSE A CRYSTAL THAT RESONATES WITH YOU- After reading about each crystal pick one which has a message and properties the resonate with you and your journey and perhaps what you are looking to focus on in the near future.


  1. CHOOSE A CRYSTAL THAT WINKS AT YOU- They say..Many people say crystals choose us and you may often feel drawn to a particular crystal, maybe the color or a glint in the stone winks at you and it may be hard to leave without it.


Still unsure?  Choose CLEAR QUARTZ   (Shop Clear Quartz)

In saying this if you are still very unsure and want to get your collection going Clear Quartz is one of the best first crystals to get. It is a Master Healer and Generator which means it also helps to charge all other stones. One of the world’s most diverse types of Crystal Clear Quartz comes in many formations including raw rock form, polished, cave, geode and cluster so there is plenty to choose from no matter what your preferences are. It is a beautiful minimal white and clear tone so it will fit into any space. Another cool fact..
Did you know? Clear Quartz is one of the only crystals which refract light and bounce rainbows off all walls so pop it in a light filled from like a Living Space to see some incredible light visuals and bring positive energy into your home.