Venus Retrograde- What Crystals to carry during the Love Planet Backspin?

Photo Credits- The Birth of Venus by Sandro Botticelli

Venus Retrograde begins today the 5th October and will last 40 days and 40 nights. Venus is heralded as the Love Planet and during the six week retrograde many believe whatever can go wrong will go wrong- especially when it comes to matters of the heart! Our Romantic Relationships might be tested as this turbulent time has been known to bring old issues or ex-lovers to the surface. For those who are in a relationships you may find yourself  in a romantic stand-off as affections cool and problems arise or resurface. For singles you may find during the period some serious deal breakers or red flags which eventually signal a no love zone.We have devised a list of the 4 best Crystals to keep on you for protection during the upcoming Retrograde. Keep them in your pocket as a reminder to maintain resilience, to be kind and to be compassionate.

As the planet in charge of your heart center and your gut Venus retrogrades can also be deeply healing times to awaken your heart to a new understanding of Divine Love.

Unlike some of the other Planets in the Natal Chart Venus  spends about seven percent of its time retrograde, making natal Venus retrograde far less common. It is relatively common for planets like Uranus, Neptune and Pluto to spend nearly half the year in retrograde!




Also known as ‘The Stone of Transformation’,  is a popular stone for weathering change. It is also a communication stone so therefore will help to maintain conversion between you and your partner or open gateways for love interests. Enhancing intuition and guidance this stone represents insight and attracts both strength and perseverance. <Click here to shop>



Your Saintly Sword Selenite invites you to let go of limitations and clean out the closets of your mind. Place me on window sills throughout the house, a breath of fresh air to rejuvenate your space. During this time of turbulence I act as protection fortifying your castle and inviting positive energy and peace in. <Click here to shop>

Rose Quartz-

Rose Quartz

 Rose Quartz is the stone of Love. This stone will inspire you to live from your heart, forgive in your relationships and forget old flames to make way for the new. Especially during the Venus Retrograde backspin, Rose Quartz will protect you from feelings of jealousy, bitterness and guilt that may be linked to your past. <Click here to shop>


Irredescant and versatile, Apophyllite is an elixer for the Heart Chakra and a beautiful and gentle stone to have with you during the Venus Retrograde. It brings a light energy guiding you to intelligently introspect and grow. Like a beautiful wild flower you must focus on the sky. Be strong enough to rise again, tough enough to weather the storm and able to grow and flourish even in the darkest places. <Click here to shop>

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