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  • Before finding Stoned Crystals I was very skeptical about buying crystals over the internet. I was so happy with my first purchase that I just made another right away. I feel the crystals I received are perfect for me and as a photographer they look AMAZING styled in my work.- Kirsten B

  • I have always had a thing for crystals and love the energy they provide for myself and my living space. I loved how Stoned Crystals were so beautifully crafted, making them perfect decor for the home while also providing positive energy - Gabby K

  • My Stoned Crystal is placed in my living room. I wanted to place the Crystal in the space that I spend the most of time, so that both myself and the space was full of positive energy, clarity and good vibrations. - Stacey

  • I have my Crystal placed by my intention cards. Sometimes when I'm feeling off I'll hold my Stoned Crystal during meditation or deep breathing to recharge- Paul

  • After selling crystals in store for over 3 years I was amazed at the response to Stoned when they first hit the floor in December 2016. Not only were they selling faster than any form of crystal previously stocked but customers who may have been opposed to crystals were gravitating toward them. -Micheal

  • This innovative crystal range appeals to all ages and makes for the perfect gift for those who are hard to buy for! - Judy