The Best Crystals to start the New Year- Cleanse, Detox and New Beginnings.

The Festive Season sure is a time filled with Joy and Happiness, a time to connect with your loved ones, overindulge and celebrate the year that was. When the New Year sets in by the end of the first week we often are starting to feel a little sluggish and it’s about this time we become ready to kick some New Year butt, cleanse the mind body and soul and get focused on what we want to manifest in the New Year.

It is especially important around this time of year that we are setting Intentions for our Crystals. By setting intentions we are programming our minds and our stones with positive mantras and affirmations that return the life experiences we seek. So by this I am referring to positive self talk that guides us in how we want to live and engage with the world. Checkout the blog post ‘ The Art of Setting Intentions instead of Resolutions for the New Year! (How -to)’ to read more on Intention Setting.

Ashley Bellino of Stoned Crystals has collated a list of the best stones to help with Cleansing, Detox, New Beginnings and Growth for the New Year. May they inspire you to move and seek new opportunities, find balance and always have just a little bit of magic on your side always.

Crystals for Cleansing and Detox.


Smokey Quartz


+ Grounding + Balance + Instinct + Clarity + Strength 

The Master Healer

Like the cleansing smoke from burning Palo Santo or Sandalwood, Smokey Quartz will clear and help to purge you of any negativity that may be lingering about. Flushing your soul and grounding your body, it is like the morning light as the sun rises over a still sea – bringing in a new day, a new beginning. Your anchor in the natural world, drawing energy from the Crown down through the body to be deeply rooted into the physical plane.







Clear Quartz


+ Purify + Focus + Mind + Positivity + Patience 

The Master Healer

Entering in to the New Year, we often find ourselves at a crossroads. Unsure of the path ahead, or how to move forward. Allow Clear Quartz to purify your mind, removing negativity and/or anything you’d like to release from the previous year. This cleansed space will enable it to infuse your soul with positive energy and peace. With its’ clear white light, it will illuminate the path ahead and bring in pristine clarity.

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+Insight+ Change+ Detox +Protection+Balance

A Powerful Protector

Along with the New Year comes a chance for you to start a fresh, clean slate. A shield of Volcanic glass, a mirror reflection of your truest self, Obsidian highlights flaws and giving insight into oneself. It is a detox for your soul and gives you support through change, because change is hard. Let it assist you and protect you while rooting you to the Earth.

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+Renewal + Compassion + Concentration + Mental Clarity + Calm

Your Study Buddy

Cleanse yourself of the past, make way for the new. This time of year challenges you to let go, bring in flow, and set new intentions. Fluorite will help you to clear the mental fog and create harmony. Watch the past melt away into calm and find rhythm. It assists in rapid organisation and processing of information, tap into your intuition and set yourself up for a flow-filled and abundant 2019.

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Crystals for New Beginnings and Growth!



+  Courage +  Love +  Expression +  Peace +  Truth

The Stone of Hope

Some changes are transformational, some transitional, and some are completely unplanned. Though, each change is a chance for a new beginning and an opportunity to grow as a person. Linked to the heart space, Amazonite alleviates your fears and brings in hope – assisting to see both sides of the problem. It invites you to access truth and express yourself with peace and love. Its’ energy will help you to see both sides of the problem and to communicate those matters that may be difficult to speak truthfully about.








+  Inspiration +  Speak +  Transformation +  Grounding +  Adventure

The Transformer

Life can often throw us in the deep end and force us to make important and life-altering changes. It is through these times that a little help is necessary to seek. Labradorite is the perfect companion for personal growth and transforming your circumstances. Let its beautiful ‘Borealis’ lights guide you with inspiration and a sense of calm. It is tactile and will keep your thoughts still, allowing you to process your situation and tackle it with the spirit of adventure.

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Phantom Quartz


+  Recovery +  Nature +  Green-Thumb +  Grounding +  Patience

The Stone of Growth

The cycle of life is like a garden; seeds must be planted, care and attention must be given, it must be nourished, and eventually they will grow. Some plants are harvested – to start from a fresh slate. Then we begin again. Phantom Quartz is known to help growth and to feel the cycle of life. The crystal itself is formed when the growth of a crystal has been interrupted, then it begins to grow again. It goes without saying that this gives it the power of regeneration and healing – to help you grow. With patience, love and its grounding nature, it will help you bury your roots deep within the Earth’s skin and rise above as the most beautiful, blooming flower. 








+  Grace +  Destiny +  New Beginnings +  Compassion +  Creativity

The Stone of Destiny

Like the phases of the moon, we ourselves go through similar patterns of luminescence, energy, and then release. Channel your inner lunar goddess. Its nurturing, compassionate energy will fill you with blessings and unconditional love. It aids in new beginnings and endings – the ebb and flow of life. Moonstone will help you journey inward, lighting up your intuition, inspiration and wisdom. No matter the journey, no matter the heartache, Moonstone helps you to know that it is worth it in the end and that everything works for the greater good.




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