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STONED CRYSTALS  – Here at Stoned Crystals, our expertise in sourcing and cutting crystal is next to none. By going direct to the source we are able to cut out your traditional middle men and bring all sorts of crystal services direct to the public at an accessible price.

BOMBONIERE POINTS- Our Bomboniere crystal points are truly a gift your guests, family, loved ones and clients will treasure forever! A special momento made from high quality ‘A’ Grade crystal that will make a unique and personal touch to any event. Each point has the option for personal engraving. Whether you are a brand looking for employee gifts, a bride/groom- to-be in search of the perfect wedding favour or have a christening/ceremony for your children!

MINIMUM ORDER- The minimum order is 15pcs per crystal type. This means if you want for example 45 peices you can have a total of three types of crystal- 15 x Rose Quartz, 15 x Clear Quartz and 15 x Amethyst for example

ENGRAVING- The points each come with a silver plate on the base featuring the Stoned Crystals logo. This can be upgraded to a personalised engraving of either a logo or up to 3 characters for an additional $1.

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Engrave the initials of the bride and groom on the bottom of Stoned Crystal Point for a treasure they will keep forever.

Corporate Gifting

Cool and interesting corporate gifts for your employees with your logo on the bottom!

Events & Giftbags

A high quality and well priced addition for event gift bags that will set your event apart from the norm.

Milestone Birthdays

All kinds of milestone birthdays are a perfect way to give a personal and unique stone your guests won’t ever forget.

Christening + Other Ceremonies

Great gifts for celebrating all kinds of passages to adulthood and religious ceremonies.


Stoned Bomboniere points come in a range of different crystals to suit any occasion. A beautiful and unique option  to accompany the special moments that will be kept forever by the guests at your wedding or event. They present as beautiful organic objects for a natural decor touch to the table. Have a look at the crystals and read through their properties. Choose a crystal or combination that resonate with you.  Each crystal has the option for a custom laser engraving on the silver plate at the base of the crystal so you can get the bride and groom’s initials customized.


+ Indigo Gabbro                +Red Jasper               + Rose Quartz

+ Amethyst                        + Howlite                      + Fluorite

+ Chevron Amethyst           +Obsidian                    + Lapis Lazuli

+ Labradorite                      + Lemon Quartz           + Clear Quartz

+ Sodalite                           + Amazonite                 + Smoky Quartz



Our Bomboniere points range from $17-$19 each. For $1 extra you are able to personalize the silver plate with your initials or brand logo. For a detailed list of our pricing click the button below to obtain a quote! Orders over 50 pcs come packed in a Stoned Crystals Wooden Box for safe keeping and protection.


Rose Quartz Properties

Love | Romance | Harmony | Friendship | Kindness

Smoky Quartz Properties

Grounding | Positivity | Concentration | Joy | Protection

Citrine Properties

Prosperity | Positivity | Generosity | Health | Wellness

Amazonite Properties

Courage | Love | Communication | Peace | Truth

Amethyst Properties

Insomnia | De-stress | Meditation | Memory | Headaches

Labradorite Properties

Inspiration | Communication | Protection | Grounding | Adventure

Indigo Gabbro Properties

Mysterious | Mindfulness | Balance | Contrast | Contemplation

Clear Quartz Properties

Purify | Focus | Mind | Positivity | Patience

Obsidian Properties

Insight | Change | Detox | Clarity | Balance

Lapis Lazuli Properties

Awareness | Clarity | Mental Endurance | Communication | Purity

Chevron Amethyst

Insomnia | De-stress | Meditation | Memory | Headaches

Red Jasper Properties

Endurance | Dream Memory | Determination| Progress | Strength

White Howlite Properties

Wisdom | Grace | Humility | Independence | Renew

Astrophyllite Properties

Purpose | Awareness | Limitless | Opportunity | Regeneration

Sodalite Properties

Rational | Intellect | Trust | Inspiration | Connectedness

Fluorite Properties

Renewal | Concentration | Mental Clarity | Compassion | Calm

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