With the recent news made by the Victorian Government and premier Daniel Andrews in regards to the spread of COVID-19 in Victoria, we are doing our utmost to ensure the safety of our staff and customers so that we can continue to operate “business as usual” (or, our new version of usual) to the best of our ability! ⁣⁣Most importantly, we’re keeping calm and can be sure that we’re all working together and caring for each other’s health and safety.


We have introduced some policies around the continued operation of our business and the ongoing safety of our staff and customers. ⁣⁣



We will close the doors of our physical store location to the public as of July 11. The store will remain closed until further notice. ⁣Since the closure, our store and HQ have undergone professional cleaning and hygiene and cleanliness is being maintained to the highest standard. ⁣


Stoned Crystals employees who are able to work from home will be doing so. Employees who are working at our store or HQ have a strict work home rule (apart from necessities) and may not work at any other workplaces or come into contact with others. ⁣

We have 1- 2 square metres per employee (maintaining 1.5m distancing ) between our 2 locations and we are taking extra precautions to make sure your orders are thoroughly cleaned and sanitised. Packing staff are to be using gloves and a natural disinfectant (60% alcohol content which has been reported to be able to kill covid-19) to cleanse our crystals and wellness products before being shipped out to you. ⁣


Due to increased health and safety measures, we have now increased the time for dispatch of your orders from our HQ.

Previously, we would pack and dispatch orders within 48 hours of purchase, however, we have now increased that time frame to 72 hours. ⁣(The additional 24 hours is to allow for your order to sit in a quarantine area of our store after it has been packed, and before it is collected by Australia Post.⁣)

We understand that it’s very exciting receiving new Crystal babies in the mail but hope that you, our valued customers, can understand and be patient with your orders as we take all available measures to ensure your health and safety! ⁣

As a result, our shipping and handling time frame has been extended, please note it may take up to an additional 4-5 days from order payment to tracking # being supplied for shipments.


If you have paid for express shipping and would like to waive the 24 hour quarantine period, please let us know after you have placed your order. ⁣


Whilst our physical store location is remaining closed to the public, for the time being, we have now implemented a procedure around allowing pick up of orders from our store, in line with government recommendations.⁣⁣

If you are located in Melbourne and would like to collect your order from our store to save on shipping costs, we have the following procedure now in place:⁣⁣

  1. Items are to be pre-purchased (paid online) before pickup. Unfortunately we are not able to allow in-store payment. ⁣⁣
  2. We cannot allow additional browsing of stock in the store. ⁣⁣
  3. To request a pickup, please message us via Instagram or email to receive a coupon that will allow in-store collection and waive shipping costs. ⁣⁣


Once you’ve checked out your order online…⁣⁣

  1. Please call our store on (03) 9024 0105 or DM our Crystal Concierge via Instagram to let us know the time you will be arriving to the store, so that we may have your order cleaned and ready for collection!⁣⁣
  2. Please stand behind the circle drawn on the footpath (at least 2 metres from the door).⁣⁣
  3. We will open the door and place your parcel outside for you to collect.⁣⁣
  4. Once the door is closed, you may collect your Crystal goodies! ⁣⁣


As always, our Crystal Concierge are available via Instagram DM and email if you have any questions regarding this procedure.


  • Update 21.04

AusPost has recently announced a few changes to their delivery service. We have listed a few key points down below for all our domestic customers. If you would like to read their full update, click here


Delivery delays

There are delivery delays in our network due to:

  • reduction in air freight capacity and passenger flights (which also carry our parcels)
  • a significant increase in parcels that require manual sorting
  • health & safety measures at our facilities (such as social distancing through zoning, dedicated shift start times to reduce cross over of workers)

These delays can be up to a few days, particularly to regional and rural communities, and mean that:

  • Priority Mail services may be suspended
  • the delivery time for Perth and Brisbane may increase by up to five days
  • the delivery time for North Queensland may increase by up to seven days
  • the delivery times for Tasmania may increase by three days
  • Next Day Express Post Services into regional and rural communities may not be able to be maintained

What we’re doing

  • moving more parcels through our road network (to accommodate domestic flight restrictions)
  • exploring all available transport alternatives and options, and working with the Australian Government, to minimise impacts for customers

In some cases, we’re having to process and deliver from an alternate location and customers may notice when tracking their parcel, that it is coming from a different location to what they are used to.

Use our tracking tool to keep up to date with estimated delivery times.

Our people continue to work tirelessly under difficult circumstances, so we’re asking everyone to be kind and treat our dedicated people with the courtesy and respect they deserve – whether it be in a call centre, Post Office or dropping your delivery off.


Express Post is still available

Our Express Post service will continue to be our fastest postal delivery option for our customers – and we’ll continue to prioritise these deliveries. They just may not be delivered next business day every time.

This change is due to delays to our delivery services caused by the ongoing impacts of the coronavirus pandemic, including:

  • a significant increase in parcels that require manual sorting
  • social distancing measures in place at our facilities, which mean we can’t process items as quickly as usual
  • a significant reduction in the availability of passenger flights – which, in addition to our dedicated overnight airfreight network, also carry our parcels
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