Crystals for the Full Moon In Pisces: NURTURING, CLEANSING, EMPOWERING

Feel all of the feelings, let them go and level up during this Pisces full moon. Your ultimate guide to navigating through the watery depths of the upcoming Pisces full moon. 


Feeling a little bit vulnerable lately? Have you been letting your emotions get the better of you and assuming the worst? This is probably because Friday the 13th and the Pisces full moon (nearly) fall on the same day?! It’s normal to feel overwhelmed! Read onwards to learn more about this Full Moon in Pisces, how it affects us and the best Crystals to use during this time!

This full moon may have you feeling overwhelmed, both physically and emotionally. As Pisces is the final sign of the zodiac, this full moon marks the end of a 12 month lunar cycle and foreshadows new beginnings that await. This makes it the perfect time to go within, release past pain that you may have been holding onto and to manifest a new path for yourself.

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Pisces is a sensitive soul and she has the ability to heighten our emotions which may have us feeling extra vulnerable. Due to these heightened emotions, feelings regarding unresolved troubles from our past, may resurface. In this moment, we are granted the opportunity to feel all the feels, we are then able to release past pain and be inspired to move forward by introducing positive changes in our lives.

Despite the emotions that the Pisces full moon brings, she also brings her grace and creativity to the table. She illuminates our truth by showing us exactly what stage we are at in life, and highlighting all of the ways we are yet to blossom. So go forth and use this time to self reflect and focus on reaching your full potential.

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In order to harness the power of this Pisces full moon, these are the best crystals to help you NURTURE, CLEANSE + EMPOWER.


Universal Love | Reflect | Joy | Rise | Advancement
During this emotional time, the nurturing nature of apophyllite is the perfect crystal to support you during times of introspection and self reflection. Place it by your bed if you are having trouble sleeping and allow her to gently ease your mind. 

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Purify | Focus | Mind | Positivity | Patience
Use the purifying and clearing frequencies of clear quartz to assist you in letting go of all that no longer serves you during the Pisces full moon. Allow this crystal to give you clarity of through in your path towards your higher self. 

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Clarity | Aspiration | Confidence | Determination | Optimism
Following such deep, emotional work, use the empowering frequency of desert rose selenite to have the confidence and inspiration to take the steps you need to take to get you on your path to positive new habits and new beginnings. 

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Love + Light xx


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