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Fluorite – You must Flow. Clear the fog, create harmony and foster intuitive decision making. Watch the chaos turn to calm and find rhythm within mental madness. I assist in rapid organisation and processing of information. Hold me in your palm, the perfect meditation tool. I want to be where the magic happens, in a sacred study space, bright ideas are made.


Fluorite often occurs with other common crystals, such as quartz and calcite and comes in many different formations such as; pyramids, points, eggs and clusters. It is sometimes available in clear, yellow, blue and brown shades but typically in ‘rainbow’, gentle purple and green in colour. When it is in these colours, it is often polished so that its stunning colour bands are obvious. Fluorite spans the most extensive colour range in the mineral world, from colourless to bright shades of different colours.

Fluorite gets it name from the Latin word ‘fluo’, which means a flow of water. This meaning extends into the crystals qualities, Fluorite pushes out mental fog and increases concentration and general flow in life. The fluorite crystal meaning comes from its fluorescent light that comes out when it is exposed to UV rays. The term Fluorite comes from the Latin word ‘flux’ meaning the flow and mixing of materials. It’s earliest uses date back to ancient Egyptians and Chinese and was used commonly as an ornamental stone.


Known commonly as the stone for focus and organisation it is an ideal stone for students and workers seeking balance and grounding to keep in their place of focus. Carry a piece of fluorite with you to stay calm in day-to-day life, it also helps to clear mental confusion and disorganisation and evokes general productivity. Fluorite’s chakra resonance changes depending on colour. If it is more green, it is heart-calming and throat opening. However, if it is more purple, it aligns with the crown chakra, opening up a gateway to an energetic connection to oneself.


Chakra: Crown

Commonly Associated Astrological Signs: Capricorn, Pisces

Chemical Composition: Calcium fluoride

Colour: Clear, blue, green, yellow, pink, violet also multicoloured

Rarity/Abundance: Fairly rare

Hardness MOHL: 4 Hardness

Geography: China, Mexico, Germany, England, Spain, USA, Alps

Mineral Class: Halogenides

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Crystal Care

Cleansing Fluorite

In order to maintain positive energy for our crystals to perform at their best it is important to follow 3 steps.

1.     Cleanse        2.      Charge      3.      Activate

For more information on these steps and how to Cleanse your crystals using the methods below please visit the Learn page!

Crystals with a hardness of over 7 on the MOHS Scale can be cleansed in water.


YES- Fresh Water- Running- Several minutes

YES- Salt Water- Up to 8 hours

YES- Sound Cleansing

YES- Smoke Cleansing

YES- Crystal Geode or Cluster Bed

No matter what type of Crystal you have our STONED CRYSTALS Mist Spray is always a safe method for cleansing your stones. These will be available from October 2018 onward so stay tuned!

Sunlight Exposure

There are a few things regarding sunlight exposure to keep in mind when placing your crystals in the Home & Workspace. Sun exposure can cause fading to your crystals as well as make them more brittle or extremely hot. Fluorite is generally known to be okay with light. Light helps Fluorite to absorb energy after being cleansed with water. Extended periods of direct sunlight may cause deeply coloured Fluorite to fade. The color change will not effect the energy your crystal omits, however  keep an eye on them and if you see some color change that you prefer to avoid place your stone in a place where there is indirect or dappled light.

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