Upcoming Instagram Live Sales: SUN 24th November


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Crystals are up to 30% OFF in our live show.. More info and rules below..

-SAT 9th December-


-11:00am- Agate Platters

-11:30am- Crystmas Crystal Boxes

-12:00pm- Christmas Trees and Red Agate Bowls

-12:30pm- Apophyllite Clusters and Stands

-1:00pm- Fluorite and Apatite Palm Stones

-1:30pm- Tumble & Stone Jewelry

Gem Points FAQ

Sign Up + Login?

We are currently undergoing site development, therefore our ‘Login’ and ‘Sign Up’ processes are not yet seamless… bear with us!

Sign Up: To create a new account visit My Gem Page (or via the Main Menu). Although it says ‘Login’ simply enter your desired account details and a *NEW* account will be created.

Login: To login to your Gem Account either click the prior link or enter via the Main Menu (‘My Gem Page’) and enter your account details.

How to earn Gem Points?

For every $1 spent you can earn 1 gem point. In order to accumulate Gem Points during the check out stage you must log in to your account. There are 4 options available; log in via Facebook, Twitter, Google, Email or PayPal. If you are not logged in your gem points will not be added onto you account.

$1 = 25 Gem Points

Redeeming Gem Points?

Redeem $1 of free STONED credit in exchange for 25 Gem Points. In order to redeem Gem Points during the check out stage you must log in to your account.

Forgot my password?

On the My Gem Account page click the link ‘Lost my password’ to reset your password. We are having some problems with the reset link in some browsers. If the link does not work for you please contact us on info@stonedcrystals.com to have your password manually reset.

Claiming 10% on first order?

To claim 10% off your first order you must be subscribed to our Stoned Newsletter on the homepage. A code will be generated and sent in a welcome email sent to directly to you. (Don’t forget to check you junk mail!)

About 12 hour notice?

Our Gem Club members will get first notice and access to Raw Crystal Uploads on the website via email. The newsletter will be disseminated 12 hours prior to any of our Social Media channels etc.


Gem Points + 10% Off

+ 10% off 1st order
+ Every $1 spent will accrue Gem Points
+ $1 = 25 Gem Points
+ Gem Points can be used towards future purchases!

Advance Notice + Access

+ 12 hour advance notice on all Raw Crystal Uploads – know what’s dropping pre-release
+ First access to NEW and Limited Edition product releases

Exclusive Club Newsletter

+ Exclusive Members Newsletter
+ Extra tips/information about Crystals, Stoned Crystals and MORE!
+ More personalised communication

Competitions, News, Moon Reminders + MORE!

+ Extra Members Only Competitions- smaller # of entrants!
+ Exclusive opportunities to earn Gem Points- not only by purchasing


NEXT LIVE SALE: Sun 9th Dec 2018

Every two weeks join Stoned Crystals for a Live Raw Crystal Sale via Instagram from the comfort of your own home! RSVP HERE

Join us @ Stoned Crystals Instagram

We set out about 200 crystals in our showroom, each with a price tag that shows its unique number, dimensions, weight and price. We go live on Instagram from our STONED CRYSTALS Account and will be streaming video of each crystal giving you the opportunity to purchase via the comments. The prices range from 10-30% cheaper than on our website.

+To find out more about the properties and chakras of the crystals at the scheduled times please subscribe to our Pre-Live Sale Newsletter below.

+It is most important to watch the PRE SHOW if you’d like to see what crystals are in the show first and then you are welcome to pop in and out OR join us for the whole show!


+ Make Live PURCHASE  = Comment ‘MINE‘ + unique ID # in the Live Comments


+ Ask for close up photos in Direct Message (Instagram inbox)


+ Write down UNIQUE ID # of crystals you wish to purchase


Visit Stoned Crystals Instagram


+ Swear, harass, bully etc. anyone! Good vibes please.


+ Ask if we have other crystals that aren’t being shown


+ NO purchase messages via. Direct Message (unless directed otherwise)



Check back soon- we will be introducing a MEMBERS ONLY scheme to earn Gem Points through Social Media monthly (no spend necessary)!


The 8 Best Crystals for Beginners

Are you a newbie to the magical world of crystals? 

So many Stoners (what we call our amazing customers!) have started their crystal journey here at Stoned Crystals. Our main objective is to demystify the world of crystals with a fresh and modern take that makes learning about stones and incorporating them into you life super easy…

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