Join us @ Stoned Crystals Instagram


Every two weeks join Stoned Crystals for a Live Crystal Sale via Instagram from the comfort of your own home!

We set out about 200 crystals in our showroom, each with a price tag that shows its unique number, dimensions, weight and price. We go live on Instagram from our STONED CRYSTALS Account and will be streaming videos of each crystal giving you the opportunity to purchase via the comments. The prices range from 10-30% cheaper than on our website.


+ To find out more about the properties and chakras of the crystals at the scheduled times please subscribe to our Pre-Live Sale Newsletter below.

+ It is most important to watch the PRE SHOW if you’d like to see what crystals are in the show first and then you are welcome to pop in and out OR join us for the whole show!


+ Make Live PURCHASE  = Comment ‘MINE‘ + unique ID # in the Live Comments


+ Ask for close up photos in Direct Message (Instagram inbox)


+ Write down UNIQUE ID # of crystals you wish to purchase


+ Swear, harass, bully etc. anyone! Good vibes please.


+ Ask if we have other crystals that aren’t being shown


+ NO purchase messages via. Direct Message (unless directed otherwise)


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