MERCURY RETROGRADE IN PISCES: Your Ultimate Survival Guide

17 February 2020 to 10 March 2020

Oh, the Mercury retrograde. Have you heard of it? Do you believe in it? Are you even afraid of it? Here’s how to ditch the fear and learn how you can use it to your advantage!

I’m here to assure you the nothing is ever simply black and white, nor good or bad. When we say that Mercury is in retrograde it is not an inherently ‘bad occurrence,’ for it is a part of the natural cycles of the universe.


During this time, the planet Mercury does not actually move backwards. Rather, it moves slower than Earth, causing the illusion that is it moving in retrograde. Mercury goes retrograde three to four times each year. In the year 2020, Mercury will first go retrograde from February 17 to March through the sign of Pisces.

In astrology, Mercury represents the messenger. It rules all things communication, intelligence, knowledge and is a rational and practical planet. Therefore, when Mercury is perceived to be going backwards, it can cause breakdowns in communication, technology, travel and planning.


As Mercury moves ‘backwards,’ it will be moving through the watery, creative, emotional sign of Pisces. This could have us feeling extra dreamy, deep and thoughtful. During this time, there may also be some feelings of fogginess and confusion.

True to any Mercury retrograde, there will likely be misunderstandings, delays and technological glitches. The best way to get through this time is to honour these emotions, even through frustrations, and to not let them get the better of you. Test yourself by recognising when frustration hits, and ground yourself with a walk on the beach, by having a bath, by doing something creative or by working with grounding crystals.


During this time, when the structures within our lives go a bit wonky, use it to go within and re-evaluate, re-align and re-invigorate. This will allows us to build stronger and more congruent foundations in all aspects of our lives.

During this time of confused communication, people often notice glitches in technology. Be sure to back up all of your devices before this phase begins. Difficulties with technology are often trying, however, why not use this as a chance to update, expand and rethink your relationship with technology and make it work for you. Create space for more efficiency in your life!

A Mercury retrograde is not a time for starting new ventures. It is rather a great opportunity to reshape, reconcile and finalise any unfinished business, so that you are ready to action your grand plans for when Mercury stations direct on March 11.


  • Allow yourself to go there and heal past wounds
  • Tie up those loose ends in your relationships, business and within yourself
  • Back up your technology
  • Give yourself extra travel time
  • Flow with changing tides that will come with the knowledge that you are making space for beauty


Use these three crystals to help you move through the Mercury retrograde period by staying grounded, with integrity, trust and flexibility.


Integrity | Strength | Happiness | Stability | Good Fortune

Keep me in your pocket and hold me on those days where you feel challenged. Flow through changes with trust, confidence and grace. With the strength from within to ride life’s ever-changing tides with patience and ease. Trust that everything is a lesson in which you can use for growth.

Mantra: “Today I will have faith and accept what is.


Spiritual Transformation | Grounding | Balance | New Beginnings | Serene

Call on me and you will have the companion for all life’s challenges. Be centred, strengthen your mind and forget self-limiting ideas and negative self-talk. One of the heaviest crystals, I am a powerful grounded and keep you in touch with earth’s energy. Watch me wink when the light hits, get in tune and find a baseline harmony.

Mantra: “Today I choose to be grateful. I am happy to be alive, present and in the here and now.”


Grounding | Creativity | Action | Self Expression | Energy

Use me to ignite the fire within. I will give you the strength and passion to action all that which you have worked so hard in preparing. Now is the time to come out of introspection and to use all of the insights that you have gained to achieve your goals with clear intentions. This crystal is best used after the Mercury retrograde.

Mantra: “The time to be who I came here to be is now.

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