Our payment options include:


How does lay-by work?

When you choose to use our lay-by option, the total purchase amount will be split into THREE payments via one link – the same link will be used for each payment. (i.e. $300 total will be split into three payments of $100)

How do I qualify for lay-by?

A minimum purchase amount of $230 is required to qualify for a payment plan.

Will I need to pay for shipping for each lay-by payment?

Order totals between $230 and $689 will be provided with a code to use for free shipping on each of their payments.

When do I need to pay?

The first payment must be made immediately upon receiving the link, to begin the payment plan process. The remaining two payments must be made on the next two consecutive Wednesdays.

If the next Wednesday falls on the day after your first payment (i.e. you receive the initial payment plan link and commence on a Tuesday) the second payment will still need to be completed on the next day (Wednesday).

Can I request dates to pay by?

If you are unable to make payment by a certain date, you may request an extension.

We will follow up on each of the requested dates with a reminder that your payments are due.

If payments are not made on the agreed-upon dates, the consequences will result as stated as followed; If you decide to cancel your lay-by after you have made payments, you will incur a 15% charge of the total cost, and the rest will be refunded to you.

What if my payment is late?

Late payments will incur a 15% surcharge of the total purchase price, which will be added to the overall total (split over the remaining payment instalments).

If payment has still not been received a month after the due date, you will forfeit 15% of the total purchase price and will be refunded the remainder of the initial deposit.

We hope that our customers understand that in order to protect our stock and our business, customers that have not abided by the lay-by policy outlined above will not be permitted to make future lay-by payment plans.


Read our payment FAQ’s here

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