Anima Mundi Digestive Tonic


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A potent combination of rainforest bitter leaves, barks and roots.The power of bitter is in its ability to remove stagnation, increase absorption, and demolish old and congealed phlegm. This formula stimulates bile production, enhances a smoother digestion, revitalizes liver function by eliminating accumulated toxins, and boosting  essential absorption.

Ideal for those who feel constantly constipated, get bloated easily, have unbalanced cravings, a misaligned metabolism. A great tool to increase digestion . This formula is a great addition to a cleanse, and daily supplementation


+ Quassia^ (Quassia amara)
+ Dandelion Root* (Taraxacum officinalis)
+ Burdock Root* (Arctium lappa)
+ Lemon Peel* (Citrus limon)
+ Milk Thistle Seed (Silybum marianum)
+ Oregon Grape Root^ (Mahonia Aquifolium)
+ Fresh Ginger Root* (Zingziber officinale)
+ Mugwort Herb* (Artemisia Vulgaris)
+ Boldo Leaf (Peumus Boldus).

*Organic / ^Wildcrafted

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Anima Mundi Apothecary is composed of the most pristine, and medicinal botanicals found in nature. They are devoted to providing the freshest and most vibrant herbal formulas.

Anima Mundi’s roots are within the heart of Costa Rica. They specialise in sourcing directly from native people within Central and South America as well as work directly with small farmers from around the world. Their apothecary contains over 200 different herbs, all sourced from places they admire and respect.

This provides a sustainable system, and a direct relationship to the source of botanical alchemy and native wisdom. Their project supports true fair trade practices, permacultural outreach, supporting small businesses, and plant based remedies that benefit people from all walks of life.


Recommended to drink 2-3 times a day, 40-60 drops at a time.

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