Aquamarine Polished Touch Stones



AQUAMARINE- ‘The Sea Goddess’

Protection  | Communication | Courage | Calm | Rhythm


Aquamarine is known for its protective, calming and rhythmic energies. A stone to inspire and enhance creativity, courage and balance. This particular type of stone is unique as it is neither a sphere or palm stone. It is in fact the perfect size for you to hold between your fingers and move around in your hand or place over your body during meditation. With a stunning combination of pastel aqua blues, light sea greens and rusty, light brown crackles spread throughout, the detail in this stone is mesmerising. With a polished lustre, the stone is cool to the touch and its ocean colour hues are further enhanced when held in natural light. Keep this stone with you always and much like the salt in the ocean, its properties will uplift and enlighten you.

*NOTE* Your Touch Stone wont be the exact one pictured here, however it will be a CLOSE match in regards to colour and size. If you would like a specific coloured or textured touch stone, leave a note at checkout and we will do our best to pick one perfect for you.

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Take a cool plunge into my rhythmic blue pool of calm and relaxation. I adhere to the law of Rhythm- Everything flows out and in, everything has its tides. Known to those who dwell under the waters and the sailors that ride above a trident as strong as I will bring courage and protection. For those who seek deeper communication and understanding, hold me tight and allow yourself to let go of frustration and anger.

CHAKRAS: Throat, Third Eye, Heart


Polished stones are known to give off a less overpowering vibration, alternatively they vibrate a more balanced and even amount of the crystals energies in the space around you. This touch stone is lightweight, polished to perfection and stunning in colour and detail. It is small, allowing it to be easily transported with you wherever you go. Style it in either natural or artificial lighting and watch as its beautiful blues shine, or place it with your other smaller crystals to balance their energies. Aquamarine looks amazing when styled with other blue crystals and also is great when paired with green plants, styled in light colour schemes or placed next to candle light.


This Aquamarine Touchstone is B Grade. It reflects the accessible price point of the stone and it is incredibly stunning!

Crystals emit steady vibrations that help to create balance within oneself and Zen into the spaces around us. Place crystals in the spaces around you and you will begin to notice subtle changes in yourself and the energy in the environment. Stoned Crystals come in natural geometric shapes that work perfectly when styled in the modern home and office.

ORIGIN : Mozambique


This touchstone comes in 3 size X-SMALL, SMALL & MEDIUM. They are approximately 2cms, 3.5cms and 4.5cms respectively.


Stones are natural minerals each beautiful and unique in pattern and crystalline composure; therefore no two Stoned Crystals will ever be the same. Please be aware as natural objects their appearance can vary from the images shown and they may contain tiny fissures and pits. Returns and exchanges are not accepted based on crystal characteristics.

Dimensions N/A
Stone Size

X-Small, Small, Medium



To prepare your crystal for healing it is important that it is first cleansed.


For best results put your crystals out overnight during the solstice, the equinox, the full moon or the new moon.


To activate your crystal, sit quietly holding your crystal, relax and initiate circular breathing. Set an intention for your crystal silently or aloud (eg. I am down to earth and divinely connected’) Our Stoned Crystals Intention Card Deck includes instructions on how to care for your crystal as well as beautiful crystal intention cards for activation!   Buy Intention Cards here

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