‘Atlantis’ Mala Bracelet




This bracelet has been carefully crafted for our Crystal Jewellery Corner by our sister brand Tumble & Stone.

The centrepiece of this stunning creation is a large, flat polished Larvikite stone, a stone strongly associated with grounding and protection. These qualities are further enhanced with the Labradorite teardrop stones that frame it on either side. Continuing around the bracelet are dreamy blue Kyanite beads and freshwater pearls, both bringing in strength in communication and speaking your inner truth. All of these stones are further enhanced and amplified by Clear Quartz. This high quality piece resonates with the throat and third eye chakras assisting with communication, honesty and truth both with yourself and others around you. Amplify your psychic abilities and intuition and work toward a more open and honest lifestyle.


LABRADORITE – Inspiration | Speak | Transformation | Grounding | Adventure  CHAKRAS – Third Eye, Throat

KYANITE – Meditation | Communication | Truth | Harmony | Memories   CHAKRAS – Throat, Third Eye

LARVIKITE – Grounding | Protection | Cleansing | Connection to Nature | Psychic Ability   CHAKRAS – Third Eye, Throat

PEARL – Faith | Charity | Innocence | Sincerity | Truth CHAKRAS – Sacral, Solar Plexus

CLEAR QUARTZ – Purify | Focus | Mind | Positivity | Patience  CHAKRAS – Crown

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Crystals emit steady vibrations that help to create Balance within oneself and Zen into the spaces around us. Place crystals in the spaces around you and you will begin to notice subtle changes in yourself and the energy in the environment. To learn more about crystals and how you can incorporate them into your life please visit our CRYSTAL 101  page.


All Stoned Crystals are made from ‘GRADE A’ quality Crystal unless otherwise specified.


Stones are natural minerals each beautiful and unique in pattern and crystalline composure; therefore no two Stoned Crystals will ever be the same. Please be aware as natural objects their appearance can vary from the images shown and they may contain tiny fissures and pits. Returns and exchanges are not accepted based on crystal characteristics.


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Bracelet Size

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Bracelet Size

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Please treat your bracelet with the utmost care, be gentle with her and she will share her beautiful energy with you for many years to come. This bracelet is perfect for everyday wear as it is stretchy and durable 🙂

Store your bracelet separately in it’s  pouch for safe keeping.

Do not wear it in the shower. Please avoid moisture, and contact with perfumes and oils.

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