Azteca Brass Crystal Bowl (Diamond Pattern)


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By Mr Pinchy & Co

What better accessory to style with your crystals, than this cute,  modern and medium sized brass Azteca Bowl! This brass bowl by Mr Pinchy and Co with its golden metallic hues, makes for the perfect addition to model and display alongside your crystal babies. Think of it as a protector/keeper of the crystals…forever keeping an eye on them and complimenting their stunning detail with its sturdy, shiny presence.

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Azteca is from the same range as Beetie the Beetle. Made out of Brass, it shines and is the perfect glimmering addition to style with your crystals. Unique in its design and shape and stunning in it’s golden hues. This bowl can be your ideal gold totem and crystal holder.


Azteca Crystal Bowl, styles well with all crystals, no matter their colour hue as it is a great size, has great depth and isn’t overpowering in colour. It looks perfect when accompanied by small plants and flowers, beside your crystals. In crystal styling it is important to have the crystal placed between two other items. These two other items frame the display. This bowl is the perfect minimal and effective inclusion to add to a space when attempting to style a crystal. Place it on the side of your crystal or behind it, so it provides for that silver lining effect. You can also use it as a sphere holder if the crystal sphere fits, as a bowl to hold smudge sticks or as a bowl to hold your tumble-stones or smaller crystals.


Mr Pinchy & Co pieces are made to last. Designed in-house, we work with our teams of craftsman to create objects that bare a character and feel of raw luxury. Unbiased by trend Mr Pinchy & Co create designer objects that have a timeless presence and quality.



Dimensions 12 × 6 × 5 cm


+ This bowl is made to sit with and hold your crystals, look good and protect them at the same time. While sitting still for long periods of time, it will need a slight dust to keep him looking shiny and new. You can even rinse with warm water and dry thoroughly once in a while.

+ Polish Bowl with a polish cloth once a month at least

+ Style it wherever you like, but be made aware that over long periods of time spent in direct sunlight, the bowl may become warm and its colour may wear

+Material: Hand cast brass (finely polished)
+Colour/Finish: Gold
+Size: 12cm Length x 6cm Width, 5cm Height

+Made by Mr Pinchy and Co


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