Crystmas Candle Spinner – Silver Star

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Delicate and whimsical, this tealight candle spinner is the perfect Crystmas decoration this festive season. The lit up flame gets the silver stars to spin around. A stunning display, you wont be able to look away from its sparkling magic. The spinner looks beautiful but also creates a spiritual and calming energy within a space. Place it nearby when meditating and the gentle spin of the stars will slow the mind and create momentum in thought and feeling.


This spinner is ideal to place around your crystals this Crystmas. The light that dazzles off the rotating stars, will shine on to your crystal collection and give your special space more of a festive and celebratory feel.

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This particular spinner is 17cm in Height and 6cm in Width. The perfect little size to fit into any corner or on any floating shelf.


Use this spinner on its own or with other spinners as decorations this festive season. Not only can you use it for Crystmas, but you can also use it all year round. Simply sit it beside your crystals, on table tops, on shelves or by a window and light it. Sit by and watch on as the flame reflects off the spinner hanging decorations and fills your space with special little glimmers of stars and snowflakes.

Additional information

Weight .060 kg
Dimensions 6.5 × 18 cm


Create a magical moving display with our Silver Star Spinning Tealight Holder. Simply put the product together, light the tealight candle and then watch as the spinner gently begins to rotate, creating a spectacular shimmering light.

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