I Am That- Luxury Cork Alignment Yoga Mat


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+Naturally antibacterial and extremely grippy
+Weightiness of the mat ensures complete flatness, immediately after unrolling
+Beautifully designed, with alignment & posture in mind, lines help you place your hands & feet properly (a guide for hip, arm, knee and chest alignment)


+Made from recycled, natural cork

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+ I Am That – Yoga is an inclusive Yoga brand that makes Yoga accessible for everyone.

+ Premise that Yoga is a way of life rather than just a practice, anything that allows you to exist a little more mindfully and find some equanimity and peace is Yoga.

+ Providing you with the tools and the space to find your own through our products.


Yoga is an attitude, not a practice. It is in how you breathe, how you feel, how you process, how you move, how you exist. Everybody has their own way of experiencing Yoga – the union of body and mind and the space they occupy.


    +Grippier with sweat

The cork surface absorbs moisture rather than letting it pool, stopping you from slip and sliding in your sweat.

   +Optimal thickness

4.5mm: Thick enough for your hands and knees to have the right amount of cushioning but not so thick that you wobble when balancing. The ideal surface for comfort and balance.

   +Alignment guides on mat

Marked with alignment guides, lines and angles takes the guessing out of your alignment work and lets you focus on other, more important aspects of your practice. The Mandala allows you to focus your thoughts and find continuity and symmetry in your practice.

   +From sustainable farming

Made from the bark of a tree, cork is harvested in a way that does not harm the tree that produces it, allowing it to continue growing, flourishing and reproducing the bark after it is harvested. Cork trees do not require excessive amounts of resources either, making them eco-friendly.

   +Clean and germ-free

Cork does not mould or rot and stays naturally clean, which is why it is used so widely in the food and beverage industry. This means it keeps its clean, natural smell and remains a safe surface on which to place your face and body.

   +All Natural

Made from all natural materials your mat does not contain any PVC or other materials that are toxic for you or Mother Earth.


The mats’ natural ingredients allow them to be recycled and decomposed. No toxic waste is produced by your I Am That – Yoga mat so you can rest assured that each and every breath you take on it, is in tune with our beautiful planet.

Dimensions 183 × 60 cm

+ Before first use, please wipe down with a damp cloth to remove any residue ink.

+ To clean, wipe down with a damp cloth.

+ Please DO NOT put in the washing machine or scrub down the surface to avoid damage.

+ If the mat feels smooth before your practice, wipe it with a damp cloth or moisten your hands. It will become grippier once you start moving and sweating.

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