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January Stoner Box

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The Festive Season sure is a time filled with Joy and Happiness, a time to connect with your loved ones, overindulge and celebrate the year that was. When the New Year sets in by the end of the first week we often are starting to feel a little sluggish and it’s about this time we become ready to kick some New Year butt, cleanse the mind, body and soul and get focused on what we want to manifest in the New Year.

This box that we have put together is the ultimate pack to get yourself back in the groove. Cleanse, detox, and prepare for new beginnings and growth. This pack (retail value of $140) involves the following:

+ 1 x Mini Amazonite sphere ($40)

+ 1 x ULUNA ‘Clear’ roller ($35)

+ 1 x stick of Palo Santo ($3.50)

+ 1 x Tumble & Stone Moonstone Soap ($20)

+ 1 x New Moon Blends ‘Sage Yo Self’ Smudge Spray ($20)

+ 1 x FREE Surprise Gift ($25)

*Please note that our January Box does not include the glass display box*

$99 (VALUED AT $140)!


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Courage | Love | Expression | Peace | Truth

I invite you to access truth and express yourself with peace and love. A gentle soothing stone I alleviate fear, helping you to see both sides of the problem. Delicate matters can be difficult to speak truthfully about. My energy will assist you to find the right words to communicate your thoughts from a higher perspective.

Amazonite correlates to the masculine energy of heart chakra.


ULUNA Clear Roller

This mist contains clear quartz crystal fragments and is accompanied by a natural selenite crystal, affirmation and visualisation to fully incorporate the senses into your chosen Uluna journey.

The beautiful cleansing and purifying essential oils in our Clear mist are led by the powerful juniper berry, well known for its ability to clear the air of negative energy. Add to this some cypress oil, with the power to help release the past, and the master healer, clear quartz, and you are well on your way to a clear fresh mind and environment. The clearing combination is enhanced further with selenite, like liquid light it chases away the shadows and negativity in your surroundings leaving you feeling fresh and well.

Essential oils: juniper berry, cypress, grapefruit, lemon, lime & cedarwood
Blended with: purified water, plant derived solubiliser, vegetable glycerine, radish root ferment filtrate, coconut fruit ferment filtrate
Crystal fragments: Clear quartz – crystal-energy amplification, purifying, cleansing.

Selenite – cleansing, clearing, lunar energy


NEW MOON BLENDS ‘Sage Yo Self’ Smudge Spray

Sage yo self smudge spray is an alternative to burning sage. The blend of white sage oil, palo santo, ylang ylang & lavender oil creates a calming clear space. It is infused with clear quartz crystals to cleanse and purify energy. This spray is perfect for getting rid of negative or unwanted energy in your space or for protection purposes.

NEW MOON BLENDS are natural, organic, handmade products with no additives or preservatives.


TUMBLE & STONE Moonstone Soap

Soap Ingredients: Activated Charcoal | Clay | Saffron | Cedar.

Moonstone – Grace | Destiny | New Beginnings | Compassion | Creativity.


Palo Santo Stick

A sacred tree grown on the coast of South America, related to the Frankincense, Myrrh and Copal.

Light me up and use my smoke to cleanse your crystals!


Crystals emit steady vibrations that help to create balance within oneself and Zen into the spaces around us. Place crystals in the spaces around you and you will begin to notice subtle changes in yourself and the energy in the environment. Stoned Crystals come in natural geometric shapes that work perfectly when styled in the modern home and office.


All Stoned Crystals are made from ‘GRADE A’ quality Crystal unless otherwise specified.


Stones are natural minerals each beautiful and unique in pattern and crystalline composure; therefore no two Stoned Crystals will ever be the same. Please be aware as natural objects their appearance can vary from the images shown and they may contain tiny fissures and pits. Returns and exchanges are not accepted based on crystal characteristics.





To prepare your crystal for healing it is important that it is first cleansed.


To activate your crystal, sit quietly holding your crystal, relax and initiate circular breathing. Set an intention for your crystal silently or aloud (eg. I am down to earth and divinely connected’)


For best results put your crystals out overnight during the solstice, the equinox, the full moon or the new moon.

To find out more more details on these 3 steps click here


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