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+These are apart of our sister brand Tumble & Stone.

This exquisite and giant 2kg high quality candle, comes in an Amber jar with 1 x Pyrite Cabochan, 1 x Mini Morrocan Clear Quartz Cave and 1 x Zebra Jasper tumblestone. This bad boy is so big it will give your home that inspirational charm well into 2020. The sweet yet fresh notes of black cherry, crème anglaise, vanilla and sandalwood are sure to inspire great things within you well into 2020.

Its amber brown vessel is also easily reused again and again once the candle has burnt out. Use it as storage for your favourite stationery, or even re-pot a cute plant in it or use as a vase for flowers. Our candles are a beautiful way to create a simple ritual in the home, with the mesmerising light emitted from the flame being the perfect touch to set the mood.


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 100% Soy Wax (biodegradable)
 Made in Australia
 Vegan Product
Hand Made with toxic free wood wick
No Additives or Chemicals
 Not Tested on Animals

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Ignite the fire in your belly this year, with the warm and inspiring blend of black cherry, crème anglaise, vanilla and sandalwood from our 2020 Vision Candle. Within the candle, the compelling addition of a high quality Zebra Jasper Tumblestone, Pyrite Cabochan and a Clear Quartz Fairy Cave, will bring a pep to your step to have you kicking all of your 2020 goals and beyond.

This candle has been made with love and care and includes only the highest quality materials that the earth has to offer. Candles are beautiful way to create a simple ritual in the home, with the mesmerising light emitted from the flame being the perfect touch to set the mood.

Let this candle be shining reminder to manifest good luck, stability and patience with you into 2020. With my sweet yet fresh scents, allow my aroma and charm to fill a room and feel the space transform.

This exquisite candle has only the highest quality crystals inside. 3 x A Grade Quality stones are embedded into the wax of each candle. As the wax melts ensure you remove the crystals when they come loose as to avoid damage by heat.
+ 1x Zebra Jasper Tumble Stone: Optimism | Balance | Joy | Grounding | Stability
+ 1x Pyrite Cabochan: Prosperity | Action | Power | Inner-Fire | Good-luck
+ 1x Mini Moroccan Clear Quartz Cave: Purify | Focus | Mind | Positivity | Patience


These candles are made in Australia using non toxic, 100% natural soy wax and are scented using only the finest phthalate free botanical fragrances with a high percentage of essential oils.

This candle is a giant 2kgs and has a 180 hour burn time! It will definitely see you through much of 2020.
Dimensions 12 × 14.5 cm

With Label, Clean Skin (No Label)

The following burning tips will help you get the most out of your candles:

+ Always keep the wick trimmed to 1/4 inch (6mm.).

+ The first time you burn the candle let the wax pool cover the entire surface, this will teach the candle to burn evenly across, improves scent throw, and extends the burning time.

+ Candles should not be burned for more than four hours at a time.

+ Discontinue use of a candle when 1/2 inch (1cm) of wax remains at the bottom of the jar.

+ Once your candle has burnt to the bottom of the jar, the wick base can be removed, and the container can be cleaned and repurposed.

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