Mindfulness for Minis- Children’s Deck

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This ‘Mindfulness for Mini’s Deck is a set developed to promote the practice of mindfulness in your children’s everyday lives. A special tool that will kickstart their little spiritual journeys and give them insight into the world of positive thought, intentions and meditation. This set will equip them to approach each day with an open mind and an optimistic outlook and will fill them with a new sense of joy and peace as they work through the practices inside.



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+ An affirmation booklet ( Includes a summary of the 7 Mindfulness Attitudes )

+ 20 Meditation Scripts

+ 10 Mindfulness Activities

+ 10 Yoga Activities

A set curated especially for your children, to help them along on their spiritual journey and to equip them with the spiritual aid and skills to be more mindful and positive in everyday life.

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Weight .350 kg

Place these cards inside your children’s bedroom, resting place or sacred space and allow them to engage with it in their own time. It is important to make sure the area is respected and is a great idea to keep mindfulness cards and activities around crystals to enable good energy flow when completing the activities.


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