Luna Moss x Stoned Selenite Smudge Stick

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The Luna Moss x Stoned Smudge Sticks is an EXCLUSIVE Artisan Collaboration carefully crafted with love. Unlike traditional Smudge Sticks our bundles have a mix of sacred herbs AND dried flowers that look and smell incredible. They ALSO have a Crystal tied into each bundle so that even after you have burnt them, you can keep the Crystal inside. We recommend taking the crystal out before the burn and to place it near an entrance or windowsill to promote positive flow of energy and Fengshui throughout your space.


Smudge Sticks are tied bundles of sacred herbs used in the ritual of cleansing a space in order to clear low vibrations, and negative and stuck energies. You will be amazed how this pungent smell and floral notes really shifts the energy in a space especially where negative experiences or events have taken place. Think of the smell when you enter a spa or a church or Holy place. On a physical level we regularly clean our houses from dust and dirt. It is highly recommended to also do this energetically. Smudge Sticks are also a great method for smoke cleansing crystals! Emotions can leave behind negative feelings and perceptions that can easily become ingrained if not reset and released. Everything is connected; Think of rooms or places that you prefer to be than others. Sometimes a person may enter the room and before you have even turned to see them there is ‘just a feeling’. Our energy introduces us before you even speak taking care and remembering to cleanse spaces and energies especially those stored and absorbed by our crystals.


+ Great Alternative for Cleansing Crystals which can’t be submerged in water.

+ Unique Floral Bundles- These bundles are put together by Melbourne Artisan Florist Luna Moss.

+ Available in Small and Large Size

+ Pineapple Sage, Thyme and Rosemary with French Lavender, Paper Daisies and Roses


Click the Description & How To Use below to find out more about the Smudge Sticks. 






The Luna Moss x Stoned Smudge Sticks is an Artisan Collaboration carefully crafted with love. Made up of a Selenite charger, mixed strands of traditional sacred herbs; Sage, Thyme and Rosemary with French Lavender, Paper Daisies, Roses and assorted dried flowers. Each beautiful bundle may contain all or a mixture of these flowers, dependent on seasonality. Each pastel, floral scented bundle is completely unique.


One of the most common methods for cleansing crystal is with smoke. It is especially useful with crystals that cannot be submerged in water. The Smudge sticks emit a smoke that can be placed nearby, above or around your crystals. Click the How to Tab above to read more.


Smudging is the process of burning dried sacred herbs in a ritual focused on cleansing the energy in the space around us. The smoke also has a direct effect on reducing our stress response. It’s also been proven that sage contains antimicrobial properties – which means they can help to keep infectious bacteria and viruses at bay. You do not need necessarily need to burn your smudge stick. Each bundle is unique and beautiful and can also be utilised solely as an ornamental piece at home or in a special space. The best part of our smudge sticks is that even after you have burnt them, you can keep the Selenite crystal! Pop the Selenite crystal near an entrance, doorway or windowsil to promote positive energy throughout your space.


I invite you to let go of limitations and clean out the closets of your mind. Place me on window sills throughout the house, a breath of fresh air to rejuvenate your space and invite positive energy in. A saintly sword, fighting to remove energy blockages and fortifying a castle of serenity and peace.

To Read More about the properties of Selenite CLICK HERE


Please be aware as natural ingredients they’re appearance can vary from the images shown. Returns and exchanges are not accepted based on stone and flower characteristics.



  1. Pull out the selenite stick and place in near an entrance, doorway or windowsill to promote positive flow of energy and fengshui throughout your space. If the bundle becomes loose ensure it is re-wrapped before burning.
  2. Burn the smudge stick, lighting it from the flower side and gently hover it over your crystals or move it through your chosen space. As the smoke spreads it may crackle a little so keep it away from your face. The bundle will cleanse and leave behind a a beautiful pungent smoke trail. You can burn a little at a time, just make sure that when you leave it to burn out it is in an inflammable dish. Our Crystal Bowls are the perfect holder!
  3. If you do not want to burn your smudge stick, keep it as is, for ornamental use and let the scent infuse your home.

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