What is the Winter Solstice? +5-Step Ritual

About the shortest and darkest day of the year and a ritual to honour your shadow.

Newgrange 5000+ Year Old Solstice Aware Megalithic Structure Ireland

Have you been feeling a little dark lately? Winter Blues have definitely been getting the best of me and I know a many few others have said this to me lately too. What is hiding within you, within your own personal darkness that may be hindering your growth? This is a fantastic time for shadow work and we have come up with a beautiful Winter Solstice Ritual in order to set positive energy into motion!


The Winter Solstice marks the shortest and therefore darkest day of the year. Not only does the solstice occur on a specific day, but it also occurs at a specific time of day, corresponding to the instant the North Pole is aimed furthest away from the sun. In Melbourne Australia this occured today, Saturday June 22nd at 1:53am.[1] Energetically this day speaks volumes.

  • As the weather is so cold our muscles tighten, making us stressed and wound up.
  • The end of the financial year approaching sends businesses and people around you (even if not you specifically) into chaos. This chaos will find its way to you in one way or another. Perhaps a frantic driver in a rush or a coffee spilt at your favourite cafe.
  • The dark cloudy days take a toll on our physical health. Our in-house Stoned Naturopath Madeleine Lewin warns. ‘Lack of Vitamin D is directly correlated to an increased susceptibility to infections and has a lot to do with why we often get sick in the colder months!’
  • We are less likely to get to the gym and more likely to sit inside and consume too many naughty foods and wine 😀

Dark spirits walk to earth on winter solstice. You can see how the shift of energy can really breed negative situations both emotionally, physically and energetically.


Take this as an opportunity to learn about your own shadow. Have you ever heard of the term ‘Shadow work?’ The shadow is a psychological term for everything we can’t see in ourselves. When we go through dark periods during the Winter Solstice we are often stressed and the worst version of ourselves may surface. Take this as an opportunity to be the observer. Witness your own responses and behaviour. But remember not to hate yourself for these emotions. Most of us will go to great lengths for self preservation as a result of the fight or flight mechanism. This extends to our self-image and identity as no one wants to be seen or perceived in a negative light.[2] And so it’s easier to observe another’s shadow before acknowledging one’s own shadow. Witness your shadow, honor your shadow- thank it for trying to protect you and then swiftly send it on its way.


Sometimes the best cure for a really bad day (or days) can actually just be shifting your focus; Where intention goes energy flows. I have prepared a really fantastic ritual to do around the Winter Solstice which really can be done anytime but I would recommend within 14 days of the solstice itself.
Put on a candle, some nice music and find a quiet space. This will help to create a safe and nurturing space for your Winter Solstice Ritual.

  1. Write down your pains- Write down all the pains you have experienced in 2019. Be honest open and real- no one is going to read this!
  2. And list Self Sabotage- Write down any self sabotage that may have occurred during these times of pain. For example; I went through a house move, family disagreement and also became unwell. As a result I felt an enormous guilt for not operating at my best. If you are not sure that’s okay- even the process of thinking about it is a form of healing and self discovery.
  3. Time to burn! Take the papers and burn them. As you watch them burn understand that holding onto pain keeps stagnant and toxic energy in the body. Watch the fire burning and imagine letting go of all these pains. Feel the relief of not having to worry about them anymore!
  4. Write a grateful list- Now it’s time to shift your focus. Write down all of the things you are grateful for in 2019.  
  5. Look Forward- Make a beautiful new sacred space (or re-arrange a current one) Choose some crystals which have properties of the things you want to bring into fruition in the next few months. Add Candles, flowers, plants and anything that you wish to manifest. That may be anything related to goals and aspirations such as a picture of a dream home, some shells to remind you to connect with nature, or a bowl/platter that holds a gym membership, a photo etc.

It is also a really great time to welcome in huge CHANGE & TRANSFORMATION. Like a lotus that comes from the mud to bloom one of the world’s most notorious flowers.. often the most beautiful things come from the darkest of places.


Stonehenge and other Megaliths are aligned to the sunset on Solstices. Ancient cultures viewed the winter solstice as a time of death and rebirth.



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