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Obsidian – A mirror, I provide you with a clear reflection, highlighting flaws and giving insight into oneself. With absolute clarity I will show you and support you through change. A detox for your soul to release imbalances and negative energies.


Formed from molten lava that has cooled very quickly, it is often called ‘volcanic glass’. With the elements of fire, water and earth at it’s core, Obsidian is a warrior stone with a very strong energy and a glassy lustre. Typically Jet black in colour but sometimes brown, tan or green, Obsidian can be found in the form of; obelisks, pyramids, spheres and tumbled stones. Obsidian does not have an internal crystalline structure, therefore, it has an unique vibration, unlike any other mineral. It is a hard material, commonly only available in polished pieces. In terms of energy and vibrations, a raw piece of Obsidian is an ideal one. Used for processing grief and loss, Apache tear drops of Obsidian are a good option.

The Obsidian stone can be traced back to ancient Palaeolithic times where it was used to make arrow heads, spear points and other tools. It was valued for its ability to be polished to make ancient mirrors. Obsidian is so sharp that it is often still used in surgical tools today. In ancient Mexican culture, it also played a large role in dress, jewellery and rituals and Mayan prophets used it as a ‘mirror’ for scrying, to predict the future.


Obsidian is a great stone for energy deflection and seeing through to the truth. Place it in your home or the place where you think the most to gain insight on a different level. An emotional shield, Obsidian when held in the hand, can forge a wall between yourself and your fears or worries. This crystal also works with your base/root chakra, connecting you to your inner instincts and helping you to make difficult decisions and calm your thoughts. Obsidian also activates the Heart chakra, which is your energetic centre. Use Obsidian to calm that centre and find a positive balance in tricky situations.


Chakra: Base, Heart

Commonly Associated Astrological Signs: Sagittarius

Chemical Composition: SiO2 Silicon Dioxide with traces of Volcanic, amorphous, siliceous glassy rock

Colour: Black, Grey, Brown

Rarity/Abundance: Commonly Found. The older the piece, the harder it is to find.

Hardness MOHL: 5.5 Hardness

Geography: Argentina, Canada, Chile, Ecuador, Greece, Guatemala, Hungary, Iceland, Indonesia, Italy, Japan, Kenya, Mexico, New Zealand, Peru, Russia, USA

Mineral Class: Oxides/Silicates, igneous glass

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Crystal Care

Cleansing Obsidian

In order to maintain positive energy for our crystals to perform at their best it is important to follow 3 steps.

1.     Cleanse        2.      Charge      3.      Activate

For more information on these steps and how to Cleanse your crystals using the methods below please visit the Learn page!

Crystals with a hardness of over 7 on the MOHS Scale can be cleansed in water.


YES- Fresh Water- Up to 24hours

YES- Salt Water- Up to 8 hours

YES- Sound Cleansing

YES- Smoke Cleansing

YES- Crystal Geode or Cluster Bed

No matter what type of Crystal you have our STONED CRYSTALS Mist Spray is always a safe method for cleansing your stones. These will be available from October 2018 onward so stay tuned!

Sunlight Exposure

There are a few things regarding sunlight exposure to keep in mind when placing your crystals in the Home & Workspace. Sun exposure can cause fading to your crystals as well as make them more brittle or extremely hot. Obsidian is generally known to be okay with light. Extended periods of direct sunlight may cause deeply coloured Obsidian to fade. The color change will not effect the energy your crystal omits, however  keep an eye on them and if you see some color change that you prefer to avoid place your stone in a place where there is indirect or dappled light.

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